Coopervision Rebate and Biofinity Contacts

Contact lenses are worn by more than 140 million people globally. In the US alone, 40 million people wear contact lenses. There are various reasons that push people to wear rebates. Some of the reasons include:

Vision correction; for those who do not want to wear spectacles

Cosmetic reasons

Therapeutic reasons

However, most of the people wearing contact lenses tend to neglect many basic and essential factors associated with the lenses. They need to understand the basics such as wearing, removing, cleaning and storing the lenses.


They are made from a unique and naturally water loving material. That enables them to stay comfortable and moist all day long. They offer superior comfort and moistness. Unlike other contact lenses, they have been designed in such a way that they resist protein build up by holding water within the lenses. Lastly, the prices are affordable too. It offers perfect comfort and vision to the wearer.


They are difficult to take out

Dry and tired eyes are a common side effect reported by the users

Bad quality of lenses-They tear and chip easily

Where to find rebates, discounts or coupons for biofinty contact lenses

AC lens

They have been in business for over 15 years. They deal with various lenses beside the biofinity contact lenses. They stock four kinds of contact lenses


Biofinity toric

Biofinity multifocal

Biofinity XR

For instance, the retail price or doctor recommended price for the Biofinity XR is $73.95. Anyone who purchases the rebate lenses from AC Lens will part with $51.95. $22.00 will be saved. That translates to $88 on annual savings.

In addition, they allow various methods of payment. Shipping is also free. They have a 30 day guarantee for unopened or defective lenses. Monthly replacement schedules are offered too.

Are you looking for a coopervision rebate biofinity coupons and discounts? Visit for more information.

Copper Vision

3 steps on how to get a rebate

Visit an eye care practitioner to be fitted with lenses from our site

After making the purchase, fill in a form and submit the rebate

Mail the completed form. It takes about 8 weeks to receive the rebate.